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You only get one Body in this Lifetime, so lets do the best we can to take care of it with LOVE & KINDNESS

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Who is Kas?

After leaving school I worked as a pharmacy technician in various busy hospital pharmacies.It wasn’t until I had my children that I realized that was not my true calling in life as I felt something was missing .In 2004 I took a career break from working in the hospital environment and trained to become a holistic massage therapist with ITEC, finally found something that gave me my spark back. I then went on to study Reflexology(ITEC) in 2005 , I continued my studies and qualified in Aromatherapy massage (ITEC) , Indian head massage, Ear candling and Energy healing.I practice my therapies from home and am a mobile therapist too and volunteer at the local peace hospice in Watford.I trained to become a yoga teacher in 2014, thus giving me extra skills to help give my clients a truly holistic treatment in mind and body and spirit.

  • Life is a continual Journey of Learning
  • Aromatherpys’ oils deliver Natures’ healing remedy
  • My Yoga Practice has kept me Centered and Supple

Yoga journey

I started practicing yoga in 2004. I attended Ashtanga and Hatha yoga classes on and off over the years and thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of a regular yoga practice. To deepen my knowledge of yoga asanas’ (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) , I decide to train as a hatha yoga teacher in 2014. I trained with Feel Hot Yoga and am a yoga alliance registered teacher . This was the beginning to what I know would be a lifelong learning process in yoga . As in every class the teacher learns from the yogis as well as teaching the yogis. I teach yoga classes in Watford and Harrow and am available for one to one teaching as well, i also have my own schedule of personnel practice , which I balance with being a mother and the upkeep of the family home.


Holistic Massage goes beyond the mind-body connection


Reflexology induces feelings of relaxation

Energy Healing

All healing is first a healing of the energy

Holistic Massage

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine

A place for Relaxation & Unwind

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Kas Pindolia

Owner You only get one Body in this Lifetime, so lets do the best we can to take care of it with LOVE & KINDNESS.

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Extreme Care : At Relax and Unwindme – you the client are the main focus and drive. Every care is maintained in ensuring you enjoy any of the treatments offered.
Healthy Life : Regular treatments ensure a balanced and healthy life – most important of all an enjoyable one.
Special Treatments : All the treatments are tailored for your needs/requirements. Yoga sessions are for all levels of experience.