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Energy Healing

Healing with the art of Energy

Healing is based on the principle that there is a universal energy which is freely available to all, and which can be used for the purpose of restoring harmony, balance and health. This universal energy is called chi, ki or qi in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is called prana by ayurvedic practitioners and those who practise yoga.
It is also sometimes referred to as life force, healing energy or divine energy. In essence, there is no difference, apart from the name given by the different practitioners. There are number of different schools of healing including reiki, seichem, reiki-seichem, quantum touch, therapeutic touch and spiritual healing.
None of these forms of energy healing require the client – the recipient of the healing – to believe in any specific creed, dogma or set of beliefs. Even the most sceptical person can benefit from energy healing.

How does it work?
What does it involve?
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